(Photo Credit: Julia Naglestad)

“Time heals all wounds” is the type of aphorism not designed for the modern age of constants. In fact, it seems like nowadays that quite the opposite is true in a world where escaping whatever is hovering around is actually ever present. So while keeping a head held steadily high in spite of the circumstances, Norwegian band Beezewax handle how to keep moving forward on their latest single “Time is Not an Eraser.”

The lead single from their upcoming EP Out of the Window, which is out Friday and available for pre-order from the Sellout! Music bandcamp, wastes no time blossoming into a lush, symphonic sound of acoustic guitars. There are a few bands you can hear in the music – REM, early Wilco, some Ryan Adams – that are a nice tip of the cap rather than a straight homage. It’s a well-balanced thoughtfulness within the music where no single element overpowers another. If Beezewax are at the breaking point, they are handling it with grace and poise.

A textured simplicity that unveils illuminating layers, “Time is Not an Eraser” understands the darkness with its delicate glows and radiance. No matter how much time progresses, memories still linger, but you will have to eventually face what’s haunting you. So maybe it’s time to quickly move on – a “see you later,” and hopefully it’s easier after the fact. The track ends with a faded out waving of goodbye, and it’s possible that things are finally moving on.

To celebrate the release of Out of the Window, Beezewax are kicking off a UK tour. If you’re around one of these towns, you need to get to one of these shows to experience what it’s all about:

5th of October – Alma Inn, Bolton, UK 6th of October – Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK 7th of October – Almost Brewing Co., Newcastle, UK 8th of October – Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough, UK

Joey Smith