Basement Revolver

As someone interested in how truly futile all of this might be, Chrisy Hurns’ description on the creation of “Words” really struck me. While writing her honors psych thesis, she started to think about how the particular exercise just seemed meaningless. She had the feeling that without being presented in the proper setting, the words were all void of meaning. And who hasn’t felt that way about something they’re engaged in recently? Or daily?

“Words are just words” is the chorus to the track – direct, yet compellingly powerful. This comes through on a single that is focused on the instrumentation from the beginning with slight turns of the nobs that ease you in. Building chords and cymbals level out at a plateau as you await a dive, but it’s there things remain stationary with a calm, steady voice over the swirl.

Basement Revolver know they can’t replace particular incidents or memories, but at least they’re trying, even if words hold no weight or power. This begs the question then – even in what seems like a hopeless endeavor, does this make the words less meaningful for the recipient? It’s really a difficult conclusion to deduce. They aren’t trying to give an answer though – just something to consider. And there's more to come with an EP out in July. Joey Smith