Basement Revolver

“Johnny” is a track that you’re immediately drawn to. The hooks serve their purpose quickly, and the sunshine drenched warmth of the track covers. A sinking feeling then impales you once you realize what all of that luster is hiding though.

“Stay away from John; it’s a really bad time right now” pours forth from Chrisy Hurn’s words, and that’s when the first punch to the gut lands. The band’s singer admitted the history of the track comes from rationalizing the toxicity a difficult relationship. But this goes beyond rationalizing to convincing one’s self that this is the best scenario. “Johnny” goes as far as to ask others to not only avoid the situation, but to also keep support and advice to one’s self.

The isolation of it all is chilling, but she’s not ready to call it off either. Completely heartbreaking, but unready for an end to the relationship, the song is one emotional charge after another. We know things get better, but that doesn’t make us any less sympathetic towards the ordeal. Joey Smith