(Photo credit: Filip Ljuboje)

Judging from the mysterious realm the “Overdose” resides in, it’s quite fitting that we don’t know much about the Stockholm duo BANGS. What we do know – they consist of Nicole Khadivi and Moa Andersson, and they recently joined the Häxrummet Records roster – is enough to give us about all we really need to know. When you hear the single, you know exactly what we mean by that statement.

Entering with a glowing, blinding beacon from above, “Overdose” carefully lowers itself through a foggy horizon. The vocals aren’t necessarily eerie, but they definitely have an edge to them at this point. A pulsing warble then begins to unveil an ominous tone that is equal parts hypnotic and threatening.

Now in the proper state of mind, this is where the world of the track gets deeply addictive. Production grabs you, pulls you in, stares deep into your soul, and, for a brief moment, holds you before pushing you back. Lyrically, an induced state of feeling trapped exists. There’s confusion about what to feel, or if anything is meant to be felt at all.

Numbness takes hold while a jittery, shaking paranoia enters. To us, it’s clear a metaphor is taking shape, but with knowing so little about the background of it all, we won’t risk making an assumption as to what the metaphor could be. The voice becomes swallowed by effects and synth as twitchy electronic movements run around your auditory system. And it somehow tightens its grip all the way to the end.

With an EP release in the works, BANGS have already released “Overdose” as a single on their bandcamp. It’s ‘name your price’, so head over there now to support the two. Joey Smith