(Photo credit: Matt Barnes)

When it comes to my “My Heart’s Always Yours,” it’s hard to say anything beyond the clarity offered by the song title. Unbridled happiness is delivered so directly, and more importantly, it’s delivered thoughtfully. You can tell something big is coming right out the gate, and the quintet doesn’t disappoint.

The elasticity of the synth pulls the track back before releasing it on a major trajectory. You quickly begin to understand how something as mundane as a morning routine can lead to contemplating how good things are in this setting of love. Along comes that one person, and before you know it, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things last.

Represented within the music as well, once each piece of the total production comes together, it’s like a string of firecrackers going off. There’s no coming down once it reaches its highest point, and the sky is set on fire – a beautiful juxtaposition to the single’s video.

The video, directed by Alyssa Pankiw, uses the band as various displays within an art gallery. In one room they’re shown as barely moving pieces. In another, they’re projected on a screen while exuding the energy of the track.

Small movements and details from the first room add to the complexity and allure of growth required within a relationship. These pieces display patience as a budding interaction between the viewers, as well as between the subjects themselves, takes place. The gallery eventually comes to life as all lovers involved break through to a freedom of happiness.

You can hear the single and so much more on Morning Report, which is available now on iTunes. Joey Smith