“One” is the type of track that can only come from one place – being a band for a few years that is ready to take a next, bolder step. The Kansas City quartet of American Slim have been around for four years, and they’ve made their way around the region and scene there. But with “One,” they are aiming for something much, much bigger with a fuller, lusher sound.

When a simple piano flips the lights on, you think you know where the track is heading. Then, floor toms start cracking through the walls. All of these pieces begin to stack up while Mikala Petillo’s voice builds a rising, soulful confidence. With the lyrics, they are ready to branch out, try things, and carve out something new. Fear comes with it, but the time is now.

A classic guitar riff then causes the song to become something you wouldn’t have imagined from that opening. Petillo’s vocals reminds us of Kate Jacobi (from Tsunami Bomb) at times, and backing harmonies bridge the gap between grace and an indie psych freakout. American Slim are trying to figure out some way to make this happen and how to get to the next point. It’s all a maze, but they’re definitely navigating their way through it all.

You can pick up their self-titled EP on iTunes now. Joey Smith