Alexander Biggs After the first chord is struck on “Tidal Wave,” you’ll look down to find the hair on your arms could very well be standing on end. As spring begins to bloom in Australia, it’s quite fitting that the chill of Alexander Biggs’ track bleeds over into the soon to be changing seasons of the northern hemisphere. The lo-fi quality of the track is perfectly textured in a way that isn’t distracting, but enough fidelity is buried to make things as clear as needed. Then the high hat gives a little pep to the track. It doesn’t pull on it too hard though as “Tidal Wave” warms itself, ready to shed its winter skin by the end. Biggs' vocals tend to channel Either/Or era Elliott Smith. He sings about the distance between two paramours, but the presence is seemingly tangible. The Melbourne musician battles self-defeat in a way that finds him comparing himself to a tidal wave. He may feel like a destructive force, but with the uptick at the end of the song, you can’t help but think the metaphorical tidal wave has turned into a manageable roll onto the sand. Joey Smith