The self titled debut album from 21 year old UK artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa (real name Alex Crossan) is nothing short of a triumph, and should delight anyone who is a fan of musical invention. Especially as someone with a soft spot for UK urban music – garage, drum n bass, grime – this album feels significant, like a bridge between past and present, old and new, fusing traditional elements of the aforementioned genres with house, trap and Afro-Caribbean sounds to create something that sounds familiar but is unmistakably fresh.

The album bops, weaves and bounces like a prizefighter, taking you up one minute and laying you down flat the next. One way or another the likes of “Love$ick” (featuring A$AP Rocky), “What If I Go” and “Firefly” will get your body moving, and if “give me The ground” isn’t the most paralysingly beautiful thing you’ll hear this week, well, I’d like to know what is.

The album’s closing trilogy of “Second 2 None”, “Who Is it Gonna B” and the Damon Albarn featuring “Blu” is nothing short of remarkable, “Who Is It Gonna B” being a personal favourite. I mean, what more can I say? “Mura Masa” is out now and available everywhere, so get on iTunes and cop that.