“Mysteries of Nature” is an infectious, bass-driven funk track. It’s packed with gusto, shine, glitter, and heavy amounts of strut. It is clear Montreal based Mouth Breather had a vision, and fulfill it he did.

He dives into a psychedelic funk influence without second guessing a single move. Because he doesn’t have to. With a nice dose of falsettos on display, Mouth Breather discusses a feeling of love that elevates him and seems to transcend the human form and capacities of our existence.

These feelings are primal, yet they’re also inexplicable, as we are mysteries to the surroundings that evolved us. While this cosmic theory is being unwoven, he takes some turns towards scintillating electronic rhythms here and there, but he knows where his bread and butter are. With an unflinching coolness, “Mysteries of Nature” rides off into the sun from which it was birthed.