“Boomerang” starts off a little disorienting, but it quickly finds its place in a nice mix of various pops – dream, Baroque, and symphonic. As you listen, you can’t help but wonder if this is potentially autobiographical, or semi-so at the very least.

Milano Sun are emerging from a four year hiatus. The guys released an EP before falling back into the shadows. But now, they’re back in full force. In the band’s return, you hear influences from underground 60s proto-mod to 90s Britpop to modern peers.

You also hear a variety of instruments gliding their way in as Milano Sun look out on the world, observing and contemplating what’s next. It definitely holds your attention as you gaze at various colors and scenes unfolding before your eyes and ears. Then there’s the layer of hoping for what has been let out into the world to eventually find its way back.

Just when you think a soft landing is coming, one more rise to the top is squeezed in before leveling down. They’re open, almost coyly so, to a love returning. I imagine fans of that EP from a few years ago feel the same way, and now, Milano Sun are back.