If we had to try to summarize “Never Start,” we’d say it’s brimming with the relatable frustration and uncomfortable feeling of having to deal with an issue neither party in a relationship wants to really deal with. We’ve all been there – having to delicately handle the passive aggressiveness of an issue while trying to not lose your mind.

An initial fire is lit with a timpani beat as you feel the electricity and vibrancy of the track winding tighter around the core of the track. The ever-present feeling of boiling up while trying to not blow up is immediate. One person lacks empathy, and another lacks the wherewithal to nip things in the bud.

Then the explosion happens, a pop of fireworks included. “Never Start” unwinds and springs apart at all areas of the chorus. Further along the journey, Hannah Joy admits she can continue to attempt this struggle, but she’s not sure how much longer she’ll be around. On a single that is like watching an explosion come out of a bottle while someone is frantically trying to put the cap back on, they know these moments hurt, but they need to be addressed.

“Never Start” also has a video that’s a nice embodiment of how these situations can make us feel. There’s some disorientation, a desire to fight, an urge to scream, an energy where you just dance to try to shake the feelings out, wanting to drive away and leave it all behind, the feelings of rage, etc. We’ll see where this takes the band with their upcoming self-titled EP out this Friday on Domino Records.