Directed by David M. Helman and with cinematography by the talented Trevor Wineman, Michael Kiwanuka’s “Cold Little Heart” will trick you with its deceptive simplicity. Some of you may recognise the song from the opening of HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’, a show that probably deserves some sort of prize for best soundtrack. Here, it gets its own treatment in the form of a grounded and intimate tale of brotherly love, starring LaKeith Richards (‘Atlanta’, ‘Get Out’) and newcomer Tre Perry.

All the fundamentals are here – location, performance, cinematography. And on top of that, Wineman’s smooth and measured camera movement coupled with occasions of subtle yet effective choreography (performed by Perry) all work to conjure up something dreamlike and poetic, no less than the song deserves. What results is a video that is breathtaking in its beauty, the kind of piece that seems to exist outside of time. “Cold Little Heart” draws you in slowly but surely, and then doesn’t let go.