(Photo credit: Jackie Lee Young)

Simply put, “Wawa by the Ocean” is exquisitely constructed neo-classical pop with meaningfulness and delicacy originating from each pluck. It’s a story of a Wawa convenience store on the Jersey shore that holds a tender spot in the memories of Mary Lattimore.

This is the type of song where you sit in blissful awe while creating your own narrative as well – seascapes, a small smile, a first kiss, a first heartbreak, walking in nature while there’s only a bit of light peeking through the canopies…

Lattimore’s movements are like the seasons in one’s life – joyful, a bit jagged at times, an opulent recovery, time for realizations, and reflection. Halfway through, a distorted, rumbling bass drum rolls in to add a further symphonic slant to what you’re hearing. As the track progresses, it’s like seeing the edges of a photograph burn.

It starts to breathe in a calmness again eventually. Lattimore lays you down in a contemplative state of ease and contentment. Her new album will surely offer opposing appositions to this, and we can’t wait to hear them. Collected Pieces will be out April 14th via Ghostly Records – it’s available for pre-order now.