“Soldier” is the type of track where all involved could easily go for an overblown statement, but the pulled back subtly of it is absolutely intoxicating. With Marie Danielle’s latest track, you can hear a rich influence rooted in the birth of alt-country, and it only permeates Hustler, which this single is taken from.

A tale of life, moving on, growing, and knowing where you’ll always have a home, “Soldier” is a wonderfully tight piece of work. The music steps back when it needs to, allowing Danielle’s voice to shine, but it’s not afraid to step it up again when given the go-ahead.

Former loves and connections are looked at individually – brief notes are shared, but the most important details of beginning, middle, and end are revealed as in depth as possible. While there might be some uncertainties that manifest themselves in these situations, Marie Danielle knows what to do when the music comes calling.

The Wurlitzer waves at you every now and then, and tambourines and fiddles add a special revival quality to it all. But at the end of the day, the song is a refusal to give up on what she’s passionate about and rejection of settling for someone else’s ideals. It’s not the easiest path, but it’s pretty clear she’s made the right decision.

Seriously – pick up Hustler today.