(Photo credit: Eddo Hartmann Photography)

LUWTEN remains a little bit of a mystery to us, and that only adds to the intrigue of “Indifference.” The Amsterdam based artist has pulled us in with a track that is minimalist with a few bursts of firecrackers wedged in.

For the most part, the production is bubbling pops of synth loops that maintain a steady, subdued tone. There’s a cool, head-nodding groove to it that gets unsettled by an occasional guitar trash thrown in, but only for a split second.

A voice is provided just above a hush – so chilly in the way the words are discussed and concerns about time, not indifference, grow. There’s a need, nay, desire to prove someone wrong, but for what? It’s all left to the imagination and art of interpretation.

The aforementioned guitars get a little closer, but all of a sudden a break comes. Ethereal vocals come pouring forth as they provide a beat over a spacious opening. Be ready to explore this new opening.