“Too Early to Tell” attaches itself to you from the start, pulling you in one drawled out guitar progression at a time. Seattle’s Low Hums look you square in the eye while a well-paced rhythm section makes sure you don’t turn away, not that you’d want to.

Created by an early morning burst of inspiration, it looks at how separated from one another we’re becoming. That might explain why the track wants to make you look it in the eye. It’s the connection that’s too often viewed as uncomfortable in a world where “protection” and quarantining ourselves is paramount to too many folks.

There are breaks and transitions that make your path a little rocky, but they help you to build understanding, observation, and a desire to create a community. It’s a rockiness that gets a little more psychedelic before allowing some swagger and Southern glam to take over. “Too Early to Tell” may feel a little tired by the end, but it’s not even close to being defeated.

You can pre-order the quartet’s upcoming album Night Magic Wine from the Union Zero store.