(Photo credit: Unholy Racket)

Louise Distras is still working on her sophomore album, but that won’t keep the London rocker from letting the world have a glimpse of what’s in store. “Outside of You” comes from her belief that music can change the world. She may not be too far off here.

In the first twenty seconds of the track, Distras runs through about four decades of influences ranging from mod to post-country to proto-punk to a dash of glam. Those influence serve as a catalyst into a modern realm that rockets the track into the exosphere.

“Outside of You” is written for the regular folks of the world as it reflects on self and how self can then reflect society. Within the music, she isn’t afraid to swing the pendulum from high-tide to low-tide, always up for an unexpected freshness.

At the center of it all, the track inspires to hand the power to the people, even if seizing that power is intimidating and full of uncertainty with what to do with the power once you have it. And most of all, it’s an industrious, salt of the earth kick-ass rocker.