Rooted in acoustic singing/songwriting, Lillian Frances has transitioned into the world of electronic music and production. Her Gravestone Feel EP, which is available now on her bandcamp, crosses through the light and dark and everything in between. The title track is definitely an indication of such.

The song opens with a whistle that elicits thoughts of lazily floating down a river on your back. A little bit of alt-soul swoops in while the lightweight synth does just enough to make sure the voice is the main center of attention.

It’s a voice that aims to celebrate life while refusing to give into the negativity of your surroundings. We’re all headed to the same fate, so make the world yours while you can. It has all the right bells, whistles, pops, and smacks that swivel, peek around, and then disappear back into the shadows.

There’s also a look at how there’s really no need to get to the final outcome of life any faster by moving through your life as quickly as possible. We all do it, but let’s try to be more aware of what we have while we have it.