Leeroy Stagger has made a lot of music, so it’s not surprising the tight attention he, producer Colin Stewart, and Steve Bays gave to “I Want It All” without going overboard. If you’re feeling the need, slap a little bit of Blitzen Trapper and Dawes comparison on it, or don’t. Either way, the playful opening with the crowd noise brings you into the comfortable element of Stagger’s world.

In a culture full of unrelenting cynicism and bitterness, Stagger stands out, grateful for his place in the grand scheme of things. Not to say he isn’t without the difficulties of a man making art for a living, but he feels appreciative for that life on this single. He searches for the deeper humanity, a further understanding of what makes us all one.

A chorus of “la-la” gets us all involved, too. With lots of power picking and a sneaky Wurlitzer, you might even find yourself getting choked up a bit as it hits right to the heart of honesty while pulling you in like family.

To feel that connection, he hit the streets of Alberta to show folks engaging and bringing him back to this roots in a video produced by Johann Wall. When Stagger says, “let them dance out in the streets,” you might just do that. Go get connected to the world around you – it’s a beautiful world if you look at the right parts and refocus. Then pick up his album Love Versus via True North Records when it’s released on April 7th – you can pre-order it now.