Lazurus, whose real name is Benjamin Curtis, has been rapping for thirteen years and already has eight full-length albums out. Let that sink in. He wears his name with an intensely personal meaning – coming from a nickname he received after he was declared dead shortly after being born, but he soon regained consciousness. When you carry that weight, you don’t have time to waste.

The lead single off of the now released Do It Yourself is “Stick to the Plan.” The production, from D.R.U.G.S., kicks off with a crackling, high noon showdown that feels like someone is about to get theirs. Lazurus then steps in to throw haymakers at those attempting to engage in a war on truth – those who scream “fake news” simply because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

He’s also not afraid to go after rappers who are more interested in sounding like the latest trend while an early-to-mid-70s soul-funk era flow cruises around. Honestly, there are so many good lines on here. Like the one about setting the table on fire rather than sitting down at it with people who just don’t care about him in the grand scheme of things. When you hear those horns in the background, you have no doubt that something serious is going to go down, and he’s probably going to do just that.

He knows too many folks have been broken and beaten down, but sticking to the plan is of upmost importance. And that’s just track one. Seriously – you need to get this album from his bandcamp.