If there’s one thing we can fully understand, as a site handled by current and former expats, it’s being away from your place of birth when things start going sour and feeling isolated with how to react. That’s where Lail Arad, a UK citizen living in Montreal, finds herself. Honestly, living in Canada is probably indescribably better right now, but there’s something about seeing your country fall apart from a distance.

“The EU Song” is lyrically structured in a way where you could think about it as a metaphor for a relationship if you didn’t know better. And it could definitely be that, but make no doubt about it – this is a protest song. With it comes an easy-going chord progression that also has a pang of sullenness to it.

A down-tempo drum finally finds its way to the scene, but it’s dragging its feet just a bit – symbolic of the general disenchantment with what was once a special place. Arad carries a guilt about what happened while wishing there was some way to keep this union together. But alas…

She addresses the shock of the sudden split. The songwriting displays tactful, thought-out wordplay. It’s unfortunate this is an all too real scenario though.