Sydney Banta, aka L.A. Girlfriend, is the embodiment of independence in art. Her latest EP, REGINA, and its subsequent delivery into the world is the perfect example of the unique attention she gives to her art. Why simply release an EP when you can provide a visual component as well?

In our interview with Banta last year, she discussed the duality of her recent releases – seemingly opposing forces that simultaneously exist within us and allow for us to fluidly move from one perceived extreme to the other and the balance that lies therein. We also learned that REGINA is a tale of moving forward with poise while also maintaining a bit of “a wild streak.” The visual accompaniment makes this evident.

Covered in scintillating neon that adds a futuristic tone to the short video, Banta serves as producer, director, head of creative and styling, and central figure for the piece. An added layer of intimacy is built by turning the camera onto herself. Artists appear quite often in the music videos for their work, but there’s something to be said about the artist being centrally framed – it creates vulnerability, yet it also establishes strength and presence.

Each track has its own particular personality expressed, but as the work ends, you once again find the balance that is so vital to L.A. Girlfriend.