“Tanlines” jumps right into the car and makes a beeline for the coast. Maybe KNIFEY are just ready for the Toronto winters to be over, but with an undeniable surf power punk mood, they’re also longing for the past.

Musically, it’s all so brilliantly upbeat with a sunny disposition and double-time drum rhythm to it. Lyrically, the nights are getting long, and he can’t help but think of a distant, warmer time and place. It’s one of the happier sounding “used to” sentiments you’ll hear.

You’ll find an uproarious small punk club communal mentality. There’s singing together in chorus; there’s having someone’s back when they’re feeling down. As the track hits a wall at the end, you have to think maybe reality has smacked them in the face with the relationships officially being final.

So jump on in. We swear it’ll be a fun ride.