Our latest video of the week is a kinetic, fast moving and gritty portrayal of Russian gang life. Directed by Nicolas Davenel, there is undoubtedly a strong dose of hyper-reality in “Who Wants It” that perhaps takes it to the cusp of caricature, however the piece also carries a documentary style that makes it feel something close to real.

Having said that, whether the world on display is of a genuine or heightened reality is almost besides the point. This is simply an effective and engaging piece of filmmaking – call it a mini gangland saga – and as such, deserves its praise. The song, an aggressive mash of sounds by French electronic trio KCPK, is somewhat softened (in a good way) by the flow of Philly rapper STS, and works seamlessly with the visuals to craft a cinematic experience that won’t be easily forgotten. Dillon M. Banda