The visually stunning “Sooner Or Later”, from Berlin based Aussie singer / songwriter Kat Vinter, holds fort as our latest video of the week. The video has been timed to coincide with the official release of the single, of which you can see our review here. Directed by Julian Ticona Cuba and Daniel Bartels, collectively known as NOISE, the VFX for “Sooner Or Later” are easily its stand out features.

And sure, the same could be said for many a music video, but what sets “Sooner Or Later” apart from other VFX heavy efforts is just how crucial the effects are to the video’s narrative, with beautifully rendered polymorphic sculptures that seem to represent the artist’s inner turmoil and emotional journey. In confluence with the already potent and deeply arresting song, the visuals really are something to behold, and showcase an artist with an admirably powerful sense of creative purpose. Look out for Kat’s debut EP to drop on April 24th. MB