If you liked their EP SAD (of course you did – because it’s freakin’ great), you’ll be happy to know the Leeds duo of Kamikaze Girls will be releasing their debut full-length album Seafoam on June 9th. If lead single “Berlin” is any indication, we’re going to go ahead and pencil in a slot for Seafoam on our best-ofs.

“Berlin” opens with a detonation that obliterates the brief silence beforehand. It’s a buzz saw of raw emotion and unbridled energy. Connor Dawson’s drums beat down the door, and Lucinda Livingstone’s guitar climbs and climbs, almost drowning the track in a dark beauty of riffs and solos

In a track about trying to have a constant and balance in the fast-paced city of Berlin, you get an energy akin to Japandroids. The duo look to balance expectations with life and the anxiety that comes with it, and if that requires a little noise, then that’s what they’ll do.

Wiratap Records will be releasing Seafoam. You can pre-order it now.