What do you do when a break up of your band is followed by a split with a close musical collaborator? You either throw in the towel, or you soldier through with a whole new gang. Kacey Johansing did the latter, and the results led to a new musical direction and album, The Hiding, which will be out June 2nd from Night Bloom records.

Steady rolling strides that have a nice bit of bite control the rhythm of “Do You Want Me.” It compresses and extends itself with smoothness as it avoids any extremes. Lyrically, as the song title suggests, the question is asked if what she’s experiencing in a relationship is more than a temporary sensation.

Does the other person want commitment, or is this a game being played by someone in need of constant companionship? With breezy, solar flares and more power than one would assume from a track described as such, “Do You Want Me” takes off in its own direction towards the end.

It’s kind of like watching the crispness of fall set in, then winter enters, and finally it loops back to spring in a high-def time lapse. Possibly intentional and symbolic, possibly just use reading too much into it, whatever it is, the album is going to be well worth a listen.