We’ve mentioned Javon Johnson’s ability to create anywhere, anytime, but I don’t think it actually registered with us so deeply until hearing “DNt. KnW. y.” You often hear the urgency in his words, but there’s something about the timing and pacing on this that takes it all to the next level.

To make the track, Sahmbeau sampled cuts from Gil Scott-Heron’s “New York City” with layers and loops of added instrumentation that adds a dusty club feel. It’s not too smoky in there, and the atmosphere has just enough light for Johnson to truly shine.

His words flow with an unmatched rush of inspiration. A frenetic delivery transpires where the words have to get out before the moment has passed. It’s a track that, while recalling the past, is very much in the here and now. He remembers when there was a movement and conviction within the society he once knew. But he’s not longing for that.

He’s longing for the now. He knows that his presence is being felt and people are aware of him in more than one way. With an album set to release soon, that number is going to keep growing.