(Photo credit: Rina Khadivi)

If you’re gonna go big, then go big. Imagery People seem to be taking this to heart as they prime the world for their upcoming album October Alice, which will be out April 28th via Five Five Diamonds. “The Pelican Theme” is the latest in a slew of singles from the album produced by Kevin McMahon (Swans, Titus Andronicus, Real Estate…), in case you needed another reason to look forward to the release.

At first the song seems like a modern Western with a faster pace. It’s a little dusty, and it moves fast enough to kick up a cloud as it comes steamrolling onto the scene. Dylan Von Wagner’s voice is shaky as it vibrates while trying to measure his surroundings.

He just wants to find a footing and looks to keep moving. The seamless transition from verse to chorus allows this, keeping the momentum without overpowering what they’re working towards. Imaginary People understand that sometimes things just don’t feel right, and you have to trust your instincts. Their instincts lead to the last minute or so being dedicated to the band – no time to talk, must keep moving.

In doing so, the NYC quintet show they’re creating a piece of work that’s built to captivate the back of the lawn of an amphitheater with baited breathe. They’re going big, and it’s paying off.