London duo Honne’s “Coastal Love” is our latest video of the week. Directed by Danilo Parra, the video centres around a charmingly delicate love story, graced with an abundance of witty affectation. Honne’s sound has been described in the past as ‘futuristic soul’, and “Coastal Love” stays consistent with that analysis, oozing its way gently into your ears.

Back to the video, the performances are solid, and ground the narrative in an almost abstract feel, while aesthetically the visuals are quite beautiful in a minimalist sort of way. It kinda reminds us of those early to late noughtie’s dance videos – we’re thinking the likes of Dennis Ferrer’s “Hey Hey” – that ushered in a new, more chilled-out visual aesthetic. Kudos to director Parra for continuing that tradition with aplomb, and weaving a narrative that’d stand well enough on its own. MB