(Photo credit: J. McMurtrie)

“A Much Larger Ocean” is, without a doubt, yet further proof that the best punk music is coming out of Canada right now. The Toronto duo of High Signs have put forth a song about the struggle to stay positive in this world of shit slinging and absurdity. Put up a fight they do.

They rip the Band-Aid right off from the start, exposing a guttural, churning power punk core that’s like an atom bomb of activity waiting to be triggered. Mixed with lo-fi qualities that create an echoing wall of noise, “A Much Larger Ocean” is armed with guitars that slice through you.

As the duo delve into the minutia of appreciating even a singular moment of calm, the rhythm section shakes that foundation loose. They’re looking for silver linings where they can find them, and there’s a solidarity to the sound that helps keep you from crumbling as well.

Given that this is a debut, we are definitely ready for more.