Directed by Sean Pecknold, our latest video of the week could’ve been easily billed as a short film instead, had the principals involved so desired. In the end though, I suppose it doesn’t really matter what we call these things, as long as they’re dope as f..k. And for the record, Helios’ “Embrace” is indeed dope as f..k.

The story is simple enough, and I think that therein lies the magic of this particular piece. In “Embrace”, a breakup is distilled to its utmost core, and given a dose of sci-fi tinged hyperrealism, shown to us in the context of a not too distant future. The song – by Keith Kenniff, the man behind Helios, Mint Julep and Goldmund – positively soars in all of its ambient glory, as we’re presented with the distinctively beautiful and patient vision of a relationship at its end. Like I said, dope as f..k. Dillon M. Banda