Hatchie’s “Try” opens like a glowing, intense glare of synth that goes from darkness to “then there was light” in no time. Rather than the tones settling down to earth, they find a way to elevate everything they touch.

In the track there’s something/some feeling that is creeping though, slowly making itself more and more present. The Brisbane’s vocals pop with the sunbursts of the song as she seems to admit moments are slowly pulling all parties down and making things difficult. But she’s fighting.

The guitars on “Try” are like a breeze that allows for enough air, and the song manages to find that spot where it can melt in without burning or scorching. And it doesn’t hold back where it could add a bit more sonically.

As it progresses, the single burns even brighter, climbs even further. It might be too late to turn back time, but Hatchie wouldn’t mind trying.