“Witches” has all of the markings of a band just letting it all out as Good Kid put a tremendous amount of effort into caring about their craft. The track splashes with energy, eagerness, and rapidity that sends you running to the front of the floor.

Words are delivered at quite the clip – don’t blink, or you might miss something. Inspired by nature and various areas of the UK a few of the band members have trekked through, it uses a tongue-in-cheek approach to explain some of the occurrences they experienced in these towns.

Jointly addictive and perfectly timed, there’s swooping down and knowing when to pull it all right back up cohabitating nicely. Little rolls from the rhythm section grab you before tossing you back into the sky, and you love every moment of the jolt.

Desires to live and bask in the moments that take you through the night and into the next morning abound. And you’ll be pardoned for that smile that sticks around once the track is finished.