(Photo credit: Giulia Mazza)

“Cold” starts off fuzzy, jagged, and distorted, and it’s boiling with excitement. Think of a hipper early Yuck track meets Cat Power, and you’ll be on the right path. GIUNGLA’s (Emanuela Drei) voice is completely buried in the sound at first, but it eventually gains its own form of clarity as she tries to figure out why someone is so cold but is still willing to put herself out there.

GIUNGLA says, “I’m sure I’ll find out,” so she’s already bracing for the impact. Musically, an impact is felt with drums that are just so damn cool in the way they nod, wave, and keep rambling on past. From a state of been stuck in a boring cohabitation, she waves back.

Little guitar rips are peppered through the background, and the track even lends itself to interactive claps after a brief respite. However, you’re still going to find both parties dragging their feet for whatever reason when the inevitable seems easier by this point. But you’re going to want to brace yourself for the head nodding that will ensue.

GIUNGLA seems to have some stuff in the pipeline, so we’re looking forward to what her 2017 holds.