It’s been a while since we last heard Giselle Mynx. But when we heard the Brooklyn based multi-talent’s latest single, rest assured that we were pulled right back into her world. The romanticism is still there on “Starry Eyed,” but it’s a desire that seems more fleeting, more incandescent.

Given the brevity of the track, it seems only fitting to strike a similar tone in what we have to say about it. The production glitters and twinkles, and undertones of Erasure arise. It’s somewhere between a slow drizzle with cracks of blinding light and flickering moments of a singular flame that burns out too quickly.

Her words are sparse – resigned to four lines – simple, poetic lines. They awake, stretching with a deep breath while the production acts like a celestial force guiding you by the hand.

Akin to a heavenly sensation experienced during a dream, she may be addressing someone right next to her, or she may be communicating into a void, hoping the words land in a former lover’s presence. We’re not sure, and that only adds to the depth of this two-minute track.