(Photo credit: Molly Matalon)

With light guitar strings just a notch above the low, melancholic bass, Girlpool have returned with “123.” Oh yeah, and drums – there are those here, which is definitely newsworthy if you’re unfamiliar with the duo. The duo of Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker are now a trio, with Miles Wintner serving duty on the drums.

The track collects every bit of willpower to step its sound to a higher, more sonic friendly tidal wave of minor chords. Lyrically, you’re left with a tale that seems like it wants closure, but probably not, and is maybe willing to take it all back if the apology is believable enough. Maybe it’s okay with dealing with a fracture as long as it doesn’t have to face a full break.

In a video directed by Nicholas Rattigan, a muted, slightly faded color palette is present. Very evident are the cracks and fissures of this emotional and relationship cycle. You get downtrodden moments, encounters with old flames, and a lot of unnaturally tinted liquid keeping from the pores of our protagonist. Trust us – it’s just easier if you watch the video.

Girlpool have recently signed to ANTI- Records and will be releasing their new album Powerplant on May 12th. Pre-order it here.