“We are inspired by visual expressions, such as certain movies and theatre. For us, Ease is more than just music; there are a lot of performative elements in our live shows.” – Siri, member of the Swedish duo Ease

Let it Burn, Let it Die is an impressive debut. From talking with Siri and Niclas, you can tell there’s so much more waiting to burst forth than what’s contained within the EP. Ease are a duo influence by everything from black metal and Kent (Niclas) to David Bowie (Siri). As disparate as that may sound, it works so well with what they have created.

It’s a collision that blends itself with the sounds that immediately elicit cinematic imagery. As Niclas told us, the whole concept is important – live shows and visuals, a dramatic feeling. And you hear this, and experience this.

For Niclas, the music just happened in his life. For Siri, she was a teenager when the urge to follow music began to surface. It was a picture taken together, a tongue-in-cheek comment about how good they would look as a band, and a desire to make old school synth music that led them deeper on this path.

Ease work together in a way that allows for fluidity. Niclas mentioned a lack of method, which allows for a natural collaboration. “I think that it brings a lot of joy into our process of song writing.” Joy – that says a lot about their energy and connectivity.

As we got into the songs on the EP, they were kind enough dive in and peel back the layers of their work, not the easiest for artists to do, but they did so ever so graciously. So well in fact, that we’re not even going to attempt to truncate their words into summaries. It’s best to read what they had to say about each track

Siri, on walking the fine line between the shadows and a world of pure luminescence on “Unbreak My Bones”:

“It’s a quite weird beginning of a song; it has two intros, in almost different genres of music. Maybe that’s it? It even used to have one more intro! (laughs) Maybe the tension comes from the drum-sequence, which almost has a melody itself, and from the dreamy synth-arpeggio, which is slightly out of tune.”

Siri, on the contemplative, very aware nature of “Alone in the Sun”:

“Yes, I agree it’s contemplative. I wrote the text and the melody under a very short, certain period that was intense and filled with a lot of new feelings. Maybe that reflects in the song. The song has a narrative, for certain. It reflected on how a relationship I had could have turned out.”

Niclas, on the cinematic tension of “Lies”:

“The idea with the music was to mix trance with 80’s drums, and yes, we had some strange images on our mind when we did the vocals on this one.”

Niclas, on the slowed down, darker/trippier closer “Beside”:

“This song was the last one we written for the EP. And it’s the only one that we use an acoustic instrument on, a piano that we pitched with a tape-echo. We went away to the countryside to record and produce the EP and had a vision to make a song based on piano.

I had a clear image in my head when it came to the production and the sound of the song. We made the whole song in one night.”

Looking forward? Well, according to Niclas, they don’t quite know yet. But they’re looking forward to this unknown and how it can help them to develop their music – “both music-wise and visually,” Siri adds.

You can tell they appreciate where they’re at now. And their affinity for their homeland is pure, calling it “cozy and inspiring.” The artistic community is one that’s cooperative, one where artists are genuinely interested in supporting each other in a variety of ways. But of course, the urge to hit the road is calling.

In Niclas’s words, “We are really longing to go on tour, and play in basements all over Europe.”


Photo credit:
Cover Art – Henrik Söderström
1st Photo – Andreas Lisstrand
2nd Photo – Kelly Wedin