We feel like the video for “Turning the Screw” says so much more about what the track is aiming for than we could possibly accomplish, but we’ll try. Focusing solely of an isolated looped vocal initially, sputtering synth begins to drip into your body like an aural IV.

The vocals are in a constant state of fade and fuzz, playing well with the smooth fluidity of the track. There’s a tinge of malaise as Generationals look back at what used to be and how things move quickly without aging much.

With choruses that are sparks, rather than open fires, the production is handled brilliantly. The words are very much in the present, but there’s a bit of wariness for what the future might hold. If the future is like the track, there will be small dips over speed bumps rather than full drops.

“Turning the Screw” plays against a video directed by Jason Lester. There are vignettes on life, love, friendship, and liberation from the period of life when one sees the world beginning to change for the first time – youth. Joyful exuberance is on display, and you can’t help but think about what these moments in time meant to you.