On the surface, “Tell Me It’s Mutual” is a pretty straight-forward rock ‘n’ roll tune. But there’s something to Furlong’s approach that makes it so intoxicatingly fun.

What’s on display from the Melbourne band is an earnest, heart-pounding-out-of-your-chest story about adoration. Lead singer Andrea is struggling to bring up the topic, and then there’s the waiting to see if the feeling will be reciprocated.

The song opens with an unexpected explosion that brings to mind more early 90s comparisons than we care to list. A slacker dance party of epic proportions ensues, and the ending leaves it up to you to continue the good vibes.

The video, which is a nice homage to Wayne’s World and power indie influences, celebrates the behind the scenes of making a video. It’s a bit meta, but they sure do have fun. And how can you not?