Directed by Zak Razvi, our video of the week, “Don’t Worry About Me”, is a sentimental and touching piece that’s likely to bring a tear to your eye, if indeed you are so inclined. So if at all you are prone to bouts of tear-shedding, you have been warned. I don’t usually submit to concepts that are so carefully engineered to tug at the heartstrings, but I have to concede that in this case the concept is so seamlessly and masterfully executed that I can’t help but acknowledge – and appreciate – its quality.

So yes, we’ve established that I’m not the sentimental type. But having recently lost someone dear to me, I can personally vouch for the gut punching sensation you feel after seeing the body of someone you love, but with the life gone from it. Perhaps that’s why this particular piece resonates with me more than it normally would. In any case, the song, albeit beautifully sung by Frances, is precisely what you’d expect – the sort of thing that contestants on the X Factor and such talent shows will be singing for the next 500 years or so. Again, not usually my thing, but I can appreciate its quality. Dillon M. Banda