It’s not often that our video of the week selection comes right down to the wire, but that’s just what happened this week when I found myself torn between 2 very different works of art. On the one hand, there’s Run The Jewel’s powerful, poignant and socially relevant “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” directed by the talented A.G. Rojas, and on the other, the wistful and dreamlike “St Jude” by Florence + the Machine, directed by the incomparable Vincent Haycock. Essentially, a battle between brawn and beauty.

Ultimately (and as you can probably tell from the post headline) beauty won over brawn, as it tends to do with me. And really, who can deny a piece as fragile and poetic as “St Jude”? The beautifully rendered visuals (seemingly shot in a single take) carry a quiet and potent majesty, but its the song that stands out more than anything; a melodic paean to the fragile art of love, delivered to us from somewhere out of this world. Go on, see for yourself. MB