We tend to focus our attention on more obscure, emerging musical acts here at SoundChips, and while for some Florence + the Machine may qualify as such, for most they lie firmly in the realm of mainstream music. In spite of this, after watching “What Kind of Man” for maybe the 3rd (ok, 5th) time, it quickly became apparent that there couldn’t possibly be another contender for video of the week.

Coming off the band’s forthcoming album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (out June 2nd), the song gives us a tantalising taste of what to expect from their new material, with the raw, unfiltered emotion that Florence is renowned for on full display. Directed by Vincent Haycock, the video spins a sometimes abstract narrative that seems to revolve around regret, disappointment, and ultimately, acceptance. Shot with a clean visual aesthetic, the images mix a fly-on-the-wall perspective with a sense of magical realism, all adding up to an experience that is, quite frankly, cinematic. Can’t wait to see (and hear) what’s next. MB