Flawless2Wavey (AKA Maxwell Sanchez) is back faster than we expected, so we’re chasing his heels on this one. Honestly though, the way he’s moving and flowing on “Breathe,” that’s about all one can hope to do with his pace.

The track’s production surfaces out a body of water, but then it bobs back down into it. It’s fighting to stay afloat, swimming against a current, but not about to give up. He places the microscope of his words on those around him as he assesses their intentions against the possibilities of his future.

Flawless2Wavey, the artist, is fearlessly confident. Sanchez, the composer, is more cautious. With a subdued beat in the background, he’s willing to put the city on his back and fight if that’s what it takes. But he’s also going to keep perspective and remember where he came from as an almost alt-electronic style slowly pulls you in.

Sanchez’s words end around the two minute mark. He says what he needs to say and continues on his journey, which allows for a speaker discussing a battle against being taken under by the waves to have the stage. He’s come this far, so he’s got to keep moving.