If you’ve ever wondered what other people get up to behind closed doors, our latest video of the week will at least give you some idea. Directed by Matthew Chuang, Fire to the Stars’ “Made of Fire” is a film about human nature, the human condition, and who we really are. Lofty words, I know, but hear me out. 

We all tend to present a carefully crafted and curated version of ourselves to the outside world, but who we really are is the guy or girl standing in front of the mirror, all alone, their mind a universe of insecurity and self doubt. Visually, “Made of Fire” succeeds in capturing the feeling of aching loneliness that at one time or another plagues all of us, rearing its ugly head in those moments when there is no voice to be heard but our own. And it also captures the lengths we can go to avoid feeling alone.

The song, by Aussie band Fire to the Stars, is beautifully haunting, and works perfectly with the meditative and patient quality of the visuals. It’s all rather wonderful, is what I’m basically trying to say. Dillon M. Banda