DC-based artist Louis Weeks has been on our radar for some time, so when we found out about his latest project with guitarist Noah Berman, we took notice. Together under the name Faunaphor, they’ve worked tirelessly for over a year and a half to put out a thoughtful new record.

The single, “in a library, in the summer (when I read I fall asleep)” is a mellifluent, metered study on summer somnolence. Summoning long, youthful days of yore spent in the library — the effort is like a languid daydream, set a sail on sparse piano keys and nostalgic synths. Weeks’ vocals are as charming and hypnotic as ever, vaguely reminiscent of Erlend Øye of Kings of Convenience. Emulating the subject, the song drifts out on a wave of soft, delicate synthesizers, eventually dissolving into static.

TL;DR: Faunaphor’s debut record And There I Was will be out for your listening pleasure later this year.