(Photo credit: Carrie Davenport)

If you’ve been worried about the state of punk rock, don’t trouble yourself. Things are alive and well, possibly the finest the genre has been doing for a while. Latest evidence points to Empty Lungs as further proof of such – “Don’t Get It” being Exhibit A.

It’s raucous, anthemic, and direct with its purpose. To put it in the words of the band, the single is “a fuck you to a culture based on self-image and selfishness.” They want to tackle a society that creates alienation rather than a sense of community, which is a fight we’re more than happy to partake in.

You can feel the communal spirit in their work. Empty Lungs cram clap breaks, big drum fills, sing-a-long choruses, chugging bass rhythms, delightful snarl, and a major middle finger into two minutes. But beyond what they say, you really can feel what’s at hand.

These are three guys with backing vocals that sound more like a small town than a small punk band. The band doesn’t get the modern fascination with self, and they aren’t afraid to say so. It’s high time for others to get on board with this mentality. Start by picking up their EP on Hidden Pony Records on March 10th here.