“By My Side” starts off low-key enough – those initial notes seem delicate, but then deep synth plunges in to create a shaky ground. Looking at the track’s overall theme, it’s easy to see why the ground is trembling a bit.

The words of the track seem inwardly expressive in a way where they’re trying to appeal without being emotive. You’re met with a scenario of a relationship that’s crumbling, but neither party is willing to address the situation. The tension is balanced with moments that snap to add a calming soulfulness.

Empathy Test have found their balance where they know when it’s time to reach and when they shouldn’t be stretching too far. This track in particular is patient and happy to exist in the pacing, even if the conversation is an uncomfortable one. It’s just unfortunate that the longing desire for connection and human interaction is probably too late now.

You can pre-order the band’s new EP via bandcamp. It’ll be out February 17th.