(Photo credit: Brian Vu)

“Spell” is a track in which Emily Reo declares, “I can’t feel anything.” The single paints enormous pieces with her words, only to feel nothing towards them – reflective of her personal struggles within herself as directly and honestly as possible. Reo’s voice is clearly the epicenter to the creation of the track, and in the face of such a battle, it proves to be the most powerful element on display.

With the tracks production there’s something reverent, almost spiritual, to the quality given to Reo’s vocals. Her words and voice leave you immediately entranced – “Time casts a spell on me.” Synth and strings appear from a distance, lowering themselves in like a floating specter with looping harmonies that are hypnotic.

Video-wise, it captures the imagery of these moments in a way where the world of “Spell” can feel big and small at the same time – infinite, yet limited. Moments and symbols that are seemingly personal flash before you. Throughout the fragile work of modern classical meets pop, Reo exposes her inner self, displaying vulnerability while planting seeds of strength. It’s something stronger than we could attempt to put into words.

“Spell” is currently available as a limited edition 10” on Orchid Tapes. You can grab it here. Joey Smith