Produced by Dee Adam, “Human” immediately strikes you with an introduction from Maya Angelou reading “I Am Human.” ECKOES then enters the room, one that has a surround sound flow, almost like hearing something while under water.

ECKOES, the London based artist, sees the world and humanity as a whole. She wants to believe and strive for the potential of humanity, but she holds a fair amount of concern for the future movement as well. This is balanced by production work that rises above the surface, settling on the ground with a little intergalactic flare.

Morphs and warbles in the tone are only temporary, as “Human” continues to look forward with steady nods on the electric guitar. ECKOES isn’t going to fall back from the progress humanity has achieved – why would the beat mirror anything differently?

“Human” makes you want to march while also dancing. The few lyrics that exist are designed to empower as they are delivered with compassionate urging. Let’s get to moving.